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Studio Six 

artworks for people, places and spaces

who we are


We are specialists in glass and metal sculpture with over 20 years experience designing and producing bespoke schemes and artworks. Light, form, colour and space are essential elements of our work.


Led by Creative Director Gill Hobson, we produce beautiful and original objects and artworks to enhance a wide range of interior and exterior places and spaces.


A synergy of techniques and materials combines the artistry of the glassmaker with the jeweller and blacksmith to produce richly intricate artworks of proven strength and durability. 


Works are commissioned by a wide range of public and private clients and Gill has been formally presented to HM Queen Elizabeth II for her glass design at St. Michaels Hospital, Warwick.  Studio works have been exhibited internationally and are held in UK Museum collections.

what we do


We specialise in working with with schools, community groups, health care providers and public and private clients, producing artworks and schemes designed to inspire and delight.


Each project is unique to its people and environment. From one-off commissioned works to complete arts strategies, we are committed to producing high quality works with cross cultural appeal which leave a lasting leagcy.


Working to commission we project manage all aspects of design and production, liasing with partners, architects, commissioning leads and other specialists to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.


Delivering accessible and engaging  workshops is part of our service. Available as day workshops and artist in residence activity, we enjoy celebrating

individual creativity and participant voice.

We believe creativity plays a crucial role in supporting positive health benefits, bringing experiences which reduce stress, promote communication and interaction, and express care and consideration for the person and their environments.


Gill Hobson, Creative Director




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