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Your Place Projection 

Four projection moving light-image 

Dimensions: Variable

Duration: Variable

Commissioned by 2021 Visual Arts Centre for Museums at Night at 2021 Visual Arts Centre, North Lincolnshire.


Your Place Projection was produced in response and shown continguous to Your Colour reflection by Liz West in a one night only presentation for Museums at Night 2016.


Comprising still and moving image captured from the area around the venue, the work projects directly into the interior architectures of the former church building. Filling the interior with multi-layered evolving light-image fields, the work contours to the shapes of the building, defining and dissolving the space over time.


Interplaying images, uniting and dispersing in non-synchronous loops produce evolving vistas of colour and light, hinting at physical and psychological journeys through local territories. As spectacle and document, the installation accents and describes the physical attributes of the area from an artistic perspective where reality and imagination collide.


This atmospheric presentation altered throughout the evening in response to changes from natural to artificial light - initially a gentle flicker of colour and movement, the light-images evolved into saturated colour fields illuminating and communicating space.

Photography © Joolze Dymond

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