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Your History of the Future

Dual projection interior installation, acrylic, mirror, wood

Dimensions: variable - min 3000cm W x 2400 H x 3000cm L

Commissioned for Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival, Your History of the Future 


Over 1000 images were used to create Your History of the Future. Gathered from key locations across the Warrington's 24 boroughs, the film explores their similarities, differences and shared histories from a visitors perspective presented as a kaleidescopic journey of colour and image. 

Unfolding over time the work proposes an evolving story about the impossibility of knowing and the ways in which place may be constantly reimagined. Seeking to capture an essence of place that moves between the particular and the general, the old and the new, the familiar and the unfamiliar becomes a dynamic vista: homes and commercial properties, entertainment and worship spaces, roads and waterways, intersect and collide.


The routes and pathways of the area reveal a rich and diverse environment always in flux as each phase of the areas history is written in its landscape and architecture - red brick and lush green complimented by spectrum of natural and man-made hues. Your History of the Future is both a document and celebration of the collective visual identity of Warrington as Cheshire’s largest town, from an artistic perspective. Part reality, part imagination, memory and experience define our personal perspectives while our art and architectures commemorate the story of our passions and endeavours. 

Photography © Joolze Dymond

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