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The Chasing Light Suite 2012 


Triple projection, 2012

Dimensions: 3m h x 5m w x 5m d approx.

Duration: Variable




Develped from still images The Chasing Light Suite is series of plotless unfoldings placing time and duration at the centre of engagement.  Mobilising the potentials of fragmented, semi-sequenced stills, single images become rhythms and patterns of colour and light. Short moving image works, each an exploration of the psychical dimension immanent to encounters with place, are presented as an experimental telling. A contemplative space in which author/viewer may engage with themes of space, place, and dwelling through duration, the suite mobilises discrete moving image works into new configurations as articulations of resonance working with ideas of embodied encounter. Each element in the suite is an expression of affective resonances and physic disturbances, acknowledged, reflected upon, transformed, and presented.


The particular qualities of moving image bring movement inside and outside the work and its’ viewing through image and duration – one is both inside and outside the image space. The conscious and unconscious worlds of the viewer are activated in a suffusion of association and subjective projection, animated through rhythms, colours, and metre to produce an unfolding and infolding of affect. The pause, as a method central to creating the conditions of possibility to access the affective resonances of quotidian space, is expressed through colour, pattern and duration. A particular relation to image is proposed through the appearing and dissolving of one image into another, a slow unfolding over time that echoes their production from still images, creating a gestural space that the psychic self may inhabit over time, changes in rhythm proposing changes in condition for the viewer.


The Chasing Light Suite, comprising six works, is shown as a triptych of separate projections that find different arrangements in response to two bounding works, 100 Moments and Liminal Shift, the first two moving image works to find form and representing opposing positions – from the nebulous to the distinct, freedom to containment. Where 100 Moments sits at the beginning, Liminal Shift sits at the end, illustrating the non-linear impacts of affect expressed through artistic practices from an intuitive perspective. Bounded by these two opposing works, all else sits inside, different articulations occupying a liminal space between opposites.


As filmic distillations, each element is a measure of a subjective response to the particular resonances of the genius loci. Exploring ideas of fragmentation and wholeness, the elements of the suite, and the suite itself, are a collaging together of disparate resonances and images, synthesising reality and imagination into new forms where different rhythms and compositions emerge.


In showing the work as a triptych, each suite is played out at different timings, resisting and embracing compositional flows while speaking together in a rolling feedback loop to create new configurations – indeed, transformations – of the relation of person to place through image. There is no central narrative: works are connected through association. Presenting them together proposes a belonging of elements and a speculation on the ways in which these time-based articulations confront and envelop each other, each element expressing disparate resonances overlapping, sometimes colliding. 


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