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Shaping Light No. 4



Dual projection, Wood, Glass, Mirror, 2015

Dimensions: 2m h x 4.5m w

Duration: Variable


Shaping Light No.4

Dual projection interior installation, acrylic, mirror, wood

Dimensions: variable - min 3000cm W x 2400 H x 3000cm L

Shaping Light No. 4 is developed from a series of evolving iterations influenced by psychogeographic and psychoanalytic perspectives. The work examines how the interplay of moving image and reflective surfaces disrupt associations between the material and the immaterial, the inner and outer worlds of the viewer.


Shaping Light No.4 continues explorations of the relation of glass and light as mutually activating elements. I explore the affective potentials of the artwork as a site/sight of inter- and intra subjective potential. Ideas of person, place, memory and imagination are intrinsic to these works, highlighting how encounters with abstracted forms of everyday experience expressed through light create moments of surprise and intimacy for viewers, producing pause and linking  memories and experience to the present in personal ways. 


Informed by an extensive study of the travel of natural light in space and the ephemerality of light patterns and effects, explorations acknowledge the conscious and unconscious dimensions of encounter with image and light. Works draw attention to the particular qualities of glass as a reflective and refractive medium and the ways in which these qualities may be employed. Works may be seen as a series of experiments which extend light effects in spatial contexts beyond the object to produce dynamic vistas of colour and light, placing the object into the realm of not what it is, but what it does. 

Photography © Joolze Dymond

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