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Shaping light No.2

Single projection interior light sculpture, mirror, wood

Dimensions: 300cm H x 300 W x 300 D approx. plus reflected light planes

Shaping Light No.2 operates at the interface of the digital and material, employing a single moving image work to animate mirrored planes. A kaleidoscope of reflected and refracted coloured light, fragments of time and space find congruence through rhythm, colour and pattern. Featuring  a moving image streetscape, urban space is re-written as a site and sight of curiosity and potential, where points collide to form multiple potential trajectories.


Using the figure/ground relation, these works operate to separate the particular from the general articulating seemingly disparate and unconnected elements to offer different ways of seeing and experiencing the countless elements of the world and new ways to experience the everyday.

Photography © Joolze Dymond

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