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Triple projection, Wood, Glass, Mirror, Sound, 2015

Dimensions: 2.5m h x 5m w approx.

Duration: Variable

Dual projection interior installation, acrylic, mirror, wood, sound

Dimensions: variable - min 5000cm W x 2500 H x 5000cm L

Mnemonic plays with ideas of memory and imagination: a mnemonic is a system - such as patterns, ideas or associations - that assist in triggering memory. Comprising projections of animated image sequences, reflected and deflected by interruptive spatial elements and surfaces, images are mirrored, layered and cut through, referencing each other to propose a feedback loop of different associations and configurations.


Images of domestic space are re-presented as multi-layered constructs of affinities and discontinuities, abstracting and spatialising image and its presentation. Seperate images become absorbed in Mnemonic, proposing different ways of seeing and remembering, combining the known with that which is still coming into being – a conflation of associations that may be read intimately, personally.


Flickering sequences disrupt ease of viewing, bringing moments of suprise and uncertainty.  Each projection is played at different timings, the configuration does not repeat. As a mnemonic construct, a device of remembering, the work proposes different and dynamic memory configurations, echoing the ways in which experience and affect are immediately embodied and always in movement and subject to augmentation by intrinsic and extrinsic factors.


Mnemonic produces a call and response between artwork and person, playing with ideas of affective resonances as always and inevitably in motion, coming into being and dissipating to create new configurations coloured by imagination and memory. In doing so, Mnemonic explores the conscious/unconcious dimensions of encounter at the thresholds of liminal states of becoming and dissolution.

Photography © Joolze Dymond

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